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Stuart Moulthrop is an award-winning artist, writer, and scholar of digital culture who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

His electronic literary works, beginning with the hypertext fiction Victory Garden in 1991, have drawn widespread critical attention. In a front-page article in the Mew York Times Book Review in 1993, Robert Coover called Victory Garden "the new benchmark" for digital literature and named Moulthrop the foremost practitioner and theorist of the craft. Coover later included this work, along with Michael Joyce's afternoon and Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl, in his "golden age" of early hypertext.

Later projects, including "Hegirascope" (1995 and 1997), "Reagan Library" (1999), "Pax" (2003), "Deep Surface" (2007), and "Under Language" (2007), have been subjects of numerous studies and commentaries. "Pax" was selected for an international juried show. "Reagan Library" is included in the Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 1, the first anthology of digital literature. "Deep Surface" and "Under Language" won the international Ciutat de Vinarós Prize, the former for narrative and the latter for poetry (ex aequo with Isaias Herrero Florensa's Universo Molecula).

In 1999, Moulthrop became a founding board member of the Electronic Liteature Organization. He returned to the ELO board in 2007 after a hiatus of several years.

Moulthrop has written many essays, including "You Say You Want a Revolution?", which has been reprinted numerous times, including in the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. In 2005 he was awarded the Douglas Engelbart Prize for best contribution to the Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia.

Aside from ELO, Moulthrop's professional affiliations and service include the on-line journal Postmodern Culture, which he co-edited from 1995-99. He has also served as Program Co-Chair for the ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (2002). He has been a visiting fellow at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, and an adviser to the Information Technology University of Copenhagen. He has keynoted several conferences in Australia and the U.S., and has participated in dissertation defenses at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Bergen (Norway), and the ITU Copenhagen.

Moulthrop is currently Professor of Information Arts and Technologies at the University of Baltimore, where he teaches in the Bachelor of Science in Simulation and Digital Entertainment, as well as the Master's and Doctoral programs.

His curriculum vitae is available in PDF here.

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