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Game Studies

The international journal of computer games and their culture.

Eastgate Systems

The world's first and finest purveyor of Serious Hypertext.


Megan Sapnar and Ingrid Ankerson's groundbreaking electronic magazine of new-media poetry and poetics.

Electronic Literature Organization

The nonprofit group chartered promote reading, writing, and understanding of literary works in digital media.

Postmodern Culture

The first peer-reviewed on-line scholarly journal in the humanities.

The Free Expression Policy Project

Attacking unwarranted claims about promotion of violence in computer games and other popular media forms.

Scott McCloud

Web site of the revolutionary comics theorist.

Adrian Miles:
VOGs and BLOGs

Adrian's ongoing work on Web logging and video logging.

Gonzalo Frasca:

Web log by the influential game theorist and designer.

Nick Montfort

On-line journalist, interactive fiction writer, and new-media theorist.

Information Arts and Technologies

The University of Baltimore's latest interdisciplinary creation and my academic home.