surreal talking head

Selected Talks

Canon, Wiki, Kernel

Workshop: Western Canons in the Digital Era
Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics
University of Tel Aviv (06/10).

I See America Singing Backwards

Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (02/10).

WABAC Machine Broke Down

ASAP/1 Conference
University of Tennessee (10/09).

Social Media and the Digital Humanities

2009 Digital Humanities Conference
University of Maryland (06/09).

More Than Fun

University of Maryland System Foundation
Advisory Board (06-09)

Releasing Content: Remembering the Future

Department of English
University of Pittsburgh (11/07).

Releasing Content, or, Culture at Play

Secondary Literacy: Reading and Writing in the Data/Content World

National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar
Northern Virginia Community College (10/07).

Releasing Content, Or, How to do Things with d8a

Program in Humanistic Informatics
Universitetet i Bergen (08/07).

Playing with Worlds: Narrative, Fiction, and the Cultural Reception of Videogames

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
University of Maryland (11/06).

Entertainment Technology Center
Carnegie Mellon University (11/06).

New Literacy and the Great Age of Code

Institute for Multimedia Literacy,
School of Cinema-Television,
University of Southern California (3/06).

Beyond Remedy:
New Media at the Limits of Theory

University of Tennessee (1/06).

Taking Cyberculture Seriously (dude)

Digital Arts and Culture Conference
Information Technology University,
Copenhagen (12/05).

Abstraction and Anathema:
Rethinking Theory and Scholarship for New Media

Oslo University New York Seminar
Norwegian Seamen's Church, New York (11/05).

After the Last Generation:
Rethinking Theory, Writing, and Scholarship in the Days of Serious Play

Digital Gaming Seminar
Middlebury College (7/05).

Literacy in Play

Australian Association of Teachers of English/
Australian Literacy Educators Association
National Conference
Brisbane (7/05).

Over the Horizon: Three Generations Experiment with Text and Games

Conference on Computers and Writing
Stanford University (6/05).

Play On: The Future of Video Games and Serious Play

Montgomery College (5/05).

Reading, Writing, and Risk

University of Nebraska (9/04).

No More Literacies!

Computers and Writing Conference (Hawaii) (6/04).

"This is Not a Game" and Other Foolish Statements

University of Washington Textual Studies Program (11/02).

Games and the New Literacy

Maryland Game Development Tech Summit (10/02).

The World Without Cybertext

Closing Keynote, Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Brown University (4/01).

The Practice of Digital Culture

University of Central Florida (1/01).

Napster on the Holodeck

Learning 2000 Conference, Virginia Tech (9/00).

Culture at Critical Mass

Experiments in the Future of Reading: Xerox PARC RED Group (8/00).

After the Gold Rush

Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Bergen, Norway (8/00).

Toward Sustainable Information Cultures

Universities of Tampere and Jyvaskyla, Finland (5/00).

Field Report on Interactive Design

Centenary College of Louisiana (1/00).

The Coming Age of Print

University of Virginia Humanities Computing Seminar (12/99).

Gamely Interstitial

CyberMountain on-line conference keynote (6/99).

Narrative, Technique, Farce

Invited lecture, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland (1/99).

The Analog Experience of Digital Culture

Invited lecture, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland (1/99).

404: Doubting the Web

Metaphor, Magic, and Power Conference, Drake University (11/98).

Straight Talk for Troubled Times

Closing Keynote, ACM Hypertext '98 Conference (6/98).

Brownout, etc.

University of Iowa Electronic Text Seminar (11/97).

'More Ways to Zap'

Media in Transition Series, MIT Media Lab (5/97).

Practical Criticism for Hypertext

Ohio State University, Colloquium: English Studies in the Late Age of Print (4/97).

Why We Can't Read This Hypertext

Invited Talk, Drake University (3/97).

Tangled Web

Modern Language Association Convention (12/96).

WWW and Other Interactive Fictions

Invited Talk, Dartmouth College (8/96).

Hypertext and Its Histories

Invited Talk, Loyola College of Baltimore (4/96).

Playing Without a Net

Mid-Atlantic Association for Computers and Writing (1/96).

No Ideas But in Production

Modern Language Association Convention (12/95).

Interactive Media and the Press

Poynter Institute Seminar (10/95).

Hypermedia in Education

Eastgate Seminar (9/95).